terms of sales

Article 1. Designation of the parties


This document defines the conditions under which Ranger Tour is linked to the legal or natural person with whom it deals and who is referred to as the "lessee".


Article 2. Content of services


By accepting these terms of sale, customers expressly declare that they are informed that the services provided by Ranger Tour are (TPT) Tourism Passenger Transport services on board a motorcycle/sidecar.


Consequently, the services provided are governed by the legal provisions applicable to (TPT) Tourism Passenger Transport contracts in force on the date of acceptance of these terms of sale.


As such, and in order to justify compliance with the WA DOT regulations in force, Ranger Tour declares that it has all the authorisations and licenses for the transport of travelers for a fee:


Ranger Tour also benefits from mandatory legal guarantees in terms of passenger transport contracts and declares that it has taken out the following insurance:  QBE General Public and Liability Insurance Policy No: D246595322


Motorcycle/Sidecar transport includes pick-up and drop off at a defined location Perth/Fremantle Centre, or pick-up and drop off at a mutually agreed location, customer home/hotel etc. Specific pick-up and drop off requirements are dependent on the particular tour package booked, and detailed on the website booking page for each Tour.


The transport service is provided by a private driver and, incidentally, may be accompanied by the provision of an optional service ordered when booking (call/email for details).


Article 3. Support & return


Pick-up and drop-off are carried out according to the details provided by the customer on the booking page and customer address indicated when booking (dependent on tour package selected).  Addresses located outside a 10kilometre radius of Perth and Fremantle Centre’s incur an additional fee to the posted Tour pricings, this fee is based on the time taken travelling to and from any address outside the 10k radius (call/email for details).


Ranger Tour recommends all passengers wear long sleeve and long pants along with covered footwear whilst onboard the motorcycle/sidecar (no open shoes of any form sandals, thongs, flip flops etc. allowed).


Crash Helmets compliant to Australian Standards are provided for use during the tour.  Customers are responsible for the provision of their own protection from the sun (sunblock, sunglasses etc.).


Management reserves the right to modify or cancel the excursions offered if the comfort, safety of customers, or a technical imperative so require.

Ranger Tour is in no way responsible for traffic jams, delays, irregularities, strikes, bad weather, accidents, serious injuries, delay, theft / loss of items.


Article 4. Tour booking and payment


City Tour booking shall be paid in full when ordering on our website.

Customised Tours and Tours booked via email or telephone can be held with a 50% deposit with payment of the balance due 48hrs prior to the Tour date (nonpayment of the balance within the allotted time frame will be deemed a cancellation and article 5.1 - c/. applied.


Article 5. Cancellation


Management reserves the right to modify or cancel the excursions offered if the safety of the customers, or a technical imperative so requires.


5.1 Total cancellation


The change of date of the event by the customer is considered as a total cancellation and gives rise to the application of the following cancellation conditions:


a/. Cancellations occurring after 5 days prior the service will not be invoiced.

b/. Cancellations occurring 2-5 days prior the service shall be invoiced at 50% of the total amount per vehicle canceled.

c/. Cancellations occurring up to 48hrs prior the service shall be invoiced at 100%.


Article 6. Interruption


Any interruption of the circuit during the service, by the will of the customer cannot give rise to any reimbursement.


Article 7.


Complaints shall be made in writing and signed by the complainant, stating clearly the Customer name: Address: Date and time of Tour: Nature of the complaint.  This signed letter can be attached to email and sent to our admin address: admin@rangertour.com.au


Any complaint shall reach us within 15 days of the Tour completion.